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Posted on 07-15-2015

LT Freeride Dryland Workouts 

All exercises should be done 3-4 x week. The goal is to create strength and power.  It is important to focus on good form first and then moving to a more advanced movement. If you need a little help on how to do the exercise, I have linked some video, which have the blue type (yes, some are corny). If you have any questions please call the office.  These exercises are developed just for the LT Freeride team.  HAPPY TRAINING! Dr. Amy


· Push-up starting on knees — 2 x 10

· Dumbbell step-ups— 2 x 15—must have knee full extended on step-up before other leg touches the top of the box.

· Lunges — 2 x 15

· Front

· Backwards—focus on decreasing hip movement

· Air Squats—2 x15—focus on knee bends at 90 degrees with chest up

· Front plank—30 seconds

· Side plank — 30 seconds right and left side

· Floor glute-ham raise —2 x15 — focus on SLOW movement.


· Push-ups: 3 x 10

· Full

· Weighted

· Box Jumps—3 x 10 —focus on quick and fast

· Front facing

· Lateral jumps

· Weighted Lunges —2 x 15— if under 10 yrs old NO WEIGHTS!!

· Jump squats—3 X 10focus on explosive movement

· Weighted

· Pistol squats—3 X10

· Pistol squat to box (Knee bent at 90 degrees)

· Pistol squat no assist

· Hamstring curls with Swiss ball  —3 x10

Mary Vermillion said:

Thank you for putting this together!

2017-02-13 18:17:22

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